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Alien 'Brain' Xenomorph Face 1:1 Life-Size Wall Sculpture.


Height. 36 cms
Width. 22 cms
Depth: 21 cms
Weight: approx 1700 gms
Material: Jesmonite

A completely new Alien-inspired sculpture created this year by me. 
The brain-like, veiny cowl concept is original to my design and doesn't 
appear in any 'Alien' literature or film as far as I'm aware. 
Only the blueish metallic hue colouring takes inspiration from 
the 'Drones' in the movie 'Aliens'. A more organic alternative to
the original nightmarish creation - the savage 'Xenomorph' creature
from 'Alien'....


This is entirely handmade with dedicated sculpting, moulding and casting with loving attention to detail and takes a long time to produce, so please may I ask for your patience in waiting for this item as it will be made to order. Thankyou.


Alien 'Brain' Xenomorph Face 1:1 Life-Size Wall Sculpture.



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