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Alien Space Jockey  - Alien Prometheus
Statue Sculpture Figure


The new Space Jockey is now available as an ongoing edition of castings. Not factory made, but meticulously handcrafted and hand-painted. A labour of love, each one, so please allow up to six weeks to receive this as it will be made to order.


Height: 24.5 cms

Width: 28.5 cms

Length: 41.5 cms

Weight: approx 3700 gms
Material: hollow cast Jesmonite


In Ridley Scott's 1979 film Alien, the homeward-bound crew members of a commercial mining spaceship are awakened from hypersleep to respond to a distress signal emmitting from a long-dead and remote planetoid somewhere in the Zeta-Reticuli star system.Three of the astronauts discover a huge, derelict spacecraft on the planet's surface and find within it's strange ribbed and organic walls a gigantic, mummified skeleton of what appears to be an extraterrestrial form apparently fused to a huge chair and telescope-like formation. The unwitting explorers are at that moment unaware of the significance of the ragged cavity in the creature's rib-cage and to their peril and fate, decide to investigate further.............




Alien Space Jockey - Alien Prometheus Statue Sculpture Figure Handmade Art.



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