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Freelance Sculptor With a Passion for the Bizarre.


I am a freelance sculptor from North Manchester in the United Kingdom.

I have worked in various creative, contractual and professional engagements and private commissions up and down the country including some sculptural set construction and special effects work at Pinewood Studios in West London. I have had a lifelong passion for sculpting tying neatly in with a tandem interest in the science fiction/horror and fantasy literary and filmic genres since my very early formative years. The former has blossomed into a skill level that is personally satisfying to me at this stage in my life and the latter has equally developed into an obsession with the paranormal, spirituality, Ufology and alternative disciplines in belief systems and eyewitness accounts of anomalous phenomena across all subjects.

My interests and appreciation of the arts and other makers span many other areas such as fine art, the Classical period, ancient, pagan and prehistoric art to modernist and surreal Masters as well as traditional disciplines such as watchmaking, car design, architecture and jewellery.

On this site, I celebrate the 'Alien' filmic genre in particular and all the incredible and frightening apparitions that stalk through those celluloid visions in each of the wonderful films of this popular saga are presented here as inspired fine art pieces in themselves to add to the collections of other passionate fans out there.

I hope you have as much pleasure perusing the site as I have had in creating it and the creatures within.

Martino Catalano

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