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Length: 30 cms. Height: 36 cms. Width: 26 cms. Weight: approx. 2.5 kgs.


In sculpting and painting this wall-mounted sculpture, (with a tiny bit of artistic licence) I have strived to pay as faithful a homage as possible to the original and best 'Alien' from the 1979 film. The creature in the first film is a result of H.R.Giger's 'hands-on' involvement with the film's design and his 'Biomechanoid' visions. In my personal opinion, unlike the 'Aliens' in the subsequent films, the first 'Alien' is much more sculptural and not too organic and therein lies the strange and paradoxical incongruity of it's appearance, which still has the power to fascinate and repell. I have emulated as much as possible the conduit and cable features inherent in the facial and jaw areas and the shiny cranium. The wall-mount is of medium weight and is made from hollow-cast Jesmonite with glassfibre reinforcement for strength and lightness and then finished in tough acrylic and metallic colours. There is a small (roughly 1 cm. diameter) hanging hole at the back, and just one strong screw-fixing is sufficient to hang this trophy. product description.

Classic Alien Head wall mount.

SKU: 364215376135191


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